The Lord of Our Moments

By Ronnie Martin

January 18, 2016

A happy and belated New Years from the land of occasional blogging. To get me (and you) back into the newness of the new year, and since our resolutions have most likely folded back into the routine of everyday life, here are some encouraging resources for us to consider for our spiritual growth. As for your general health and well being, you're still going to have to eat less and exercise more, as I don't have anything clever for you on that one.

1. A Tim Keller sermon. One of the problems with an individualistic culture is when one assumes that what they choose to identity with is automatically the right thing. Watch here


2. A Tim Keller (and Kathy Keller) book. The Songs of Jesus is a daily devotional through the book of Psalms. A very brief read, this will take you approximately two minutes to go through every morning, but give you something to meditate on during the long hours of the day. I'm reading it everyday and it's great. Buy it here


Just in case this feels like a new blog I'm writing exclusively for Tim Keller, let me assure you that first off, there are far worse things I could blog about if that were true, and secondly, I want to encourage those of you that are being tested in your faith, wrestling with doubtful thoughts, and feeling measures of loneliness. Does God allow you to weep? He does. Does it feel like grieving is somehow counter to Christianly attributes? Explore that.


Explore the posture of our Lord, who wept when his friend Lazarus had died. A friend that would soon be brought back into the wonder of existence, yet the Lord wept in the moment because grief had overcome Him. God is also the Lord over our moments. Being a mourner is never less than what we should be when a moment of grief greets us unexpectedly. God has given us door of expressed sorrow to walk through so that we can see His lighted appearance more clearly within our shadowy environment. Joy comes in the morning, not because the sun may be shining, but because God creates a new moment in which the light of His face may be recalled and rejoiced over once again. 
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