Old Man Death, He Has Died.

By Ronnie Martin

December 6, 2015

The happy tree in the corner. The presents nestled under the gold and silver branches. The wreaths draped over the window panes. The old, familiar carols humming the soundtrack to merry days. The nostalgia of Christmas. It's much more, but it must include this. This longing and affection for days gone by, when all was magic and tinsel, and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. Not to worry, present troubles will allow for no lasting retreat to the past, but memories are, after all, for remembering. And December makes for thick and slow pouring recollections. 

But then we sing "What Child Is This?" and we remember more important things. We realize that wrong questions continue to be asked. 
If Christ be king, why do our hearts cease to sing? Joy, joy, for Christ is born! Old man Death, he has died. Christ, He is born. Old man death has died!
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