A Glory Unspoiled

By Ronnie Martin

December 4, 2015

"Are you going to blog?" That's what Melissa just asked me right now at 8:30pm. The answer was "of course, just give me a minute." Except, that wasn't really my answer. There were more sigh's and shoots coming out of my mouth, if truth be told. But here I am, with Paul Anka's "Songs of December" playing in the background and popcorn popping in the kitchen. "A mother tonight is rocking a cradle in Bethlehem" are the words coming from Paul. "Christ the Savior is born", he sings, like the old school crooner that he is.

The images that come to mind are vivid when I hear these words. Sure, they've been shaped by my American Christmas upbringing. I envision black, starry skies, a rustic barn, smiling animals, and a majestic looking mother and father looking solemnly into the eyes of their newborn, with an angel hovering somewhere in the background. I'll let the history buffs snicker, but the crucial truth remains and it's this: Christ the Savior is born.

A glory unspoiled.
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