On Joyful Reclamation

By Ronnie Martin

December 1, 2015

It is December 1st now, the week after Thanksgiving, the first day of Advent. The glory of the Christmas season now preparing to build into the crescendo of Christ's birth in a few short weeks. And this, a blog, of all things. My thought was to write something every day through Advent, but even now I'm barely making the toll of the midnight bell on the first day. Blogging is a curious sport. But Christmas is still the pinnacle. Yes, the year will reach it's inevitable close, but Christmas will be the last memory I carry with me as 2016 unfolds into another icy, frostbitten January.
Reclamation is the word that spoke to me as I finished watching "A Christmas Carol", starring the unforgettably heartless then happy George C. Scott. It means "the act of returning something to a former, better state." I think of Christ's earthly condescension to a people needing to return to their former, better state. Not just people, but me. And you know, I like returning. I like coming home again. I want what was lost to be found. I want sadness to be immersed in gladness. I want oldness to be overcome by newness. 
I want Advent to be those days where my hope is reclaimed by the joyous heart of Jesus, who saved us all from Satan's power as we had gone astray. O, what comfort, what joy!
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