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The Lord of Our Moments

A happy and belated New Years from the land of occasional blogging. To get me (and you) back into the newness of the new year, and since our resolutions have most likely
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The Fullness of the Hours

The night before Christmas. It's a time when all should go quiet because much weariness has set in. The days of ceaseless preparation. The unending nights of mingling. Th
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His Gift Was Him

The Sears Catalog. I don't know if I'm supposed to capitalize the word Catalog, but I probably should given the place it holds in my youth. The Sears Catalog came ou
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A Thrill of Hope

Snow. It will elude us this Christmastime. The unpredictable weather will, once again, be unpredictable, and exclude us from partaking in wonderlands of winter delights u
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The Stillness of Christmas

It is Christmas, after all. And without fail, your December sojourn into a forest of wooded pines has been rewarded with a tree trimmed to heights of unparalleled perfe
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To Suffer For Joy

How do we explain the sadness of Christmas? The still life memories that hover like foggy mist. Christmas time is here. Olden times and ancient rhymes. Snowmen and sugar
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O Ebenezer

O Ebenezer. It took so much for you to see your plight. What must three ghosts do? The unbearable memory of lost youth. The tragic storyline of lost love. All the hours u
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Old Man Death, He Has Died.

The happy tree in the corner. The presents nestled under the gold and silver branches. The wreaths draped over the window panes. The old, familiar carols humming the soun
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A Cardinal in the Thicket

A row of crab apple trees is the vision that greets me every morning through the window. As winter weather lives up to its reputation as the dreaded "thief of leaves", I'
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A Glory Unspoiled

"Are you going to blog?" That's what Melissa just asked me right now at 8:30pm. The answer was "of course, just give me a minute." Except, that wasn't really my answer. T
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Dawn Begins As It Always Does

Thanksgiving morning. It's early, and a distinct absence of natural light darkens the corners of the house. The kettle begins to warm, and the French press is empty as I
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The Light That Will Meet Us

I am what the world affectionately (and annoyingly at times) categorizes as a morning personsomehow. There are lights on everywhere and it's my own doing. Until the morni
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On Joyful Reclamation

It is December 1st now, the week after Thanksgiving, the first day of Advent. The glory of the Christmas season now preparing to build into the crescendo of Christ's birt
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We Know Which Trees

It's that time of year when M (aka - my wife) and I walk a lot. And we marvel at a great many things. Yes, there is much seriousness to discuss (and we do), but M is a co
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