His Gift Was Him

By Ronnie Martin

December 19, 2015

The Sears Catalog. I don't know if I'm supposed to capitalize the word Catalog, but I probably should given the place it holds in my youth. The Sears Catalog came out every September, and in it's illustrious pages you could find every new toy to ogle over before Christmas Day. Naturally, we poured over it with near rabid anticipation. By we, I think I mean me and my younger brother, but it might've been just me, if I'm willing to take the blame.

The Sears Catalog was a near magical journey of longing and hope, for objects of unparalleled beauty in the heart of an eight year old idolater. I had no idea the affect it would have. Years later, as a music maker, pouring through other capital "C" Catalogs, pining over objects of unparalleled beauty, my idolatry became more clearly defined. The delight of purchasing, the gratification of attainment, the insatiable pleasure of parcels arriving on the doorstep. A hunger unfulfilled. A world without end.

And now Christmas in the middle years. Thankfully, the giving is more clearly defined. There's a joy of wondrous proportions when a good gift is given well. The victory is not minor. The act of giving reflects the act of the Giver. Peace among those with whom He is pleased. His gift was peace. His gift was an eternal embrace. His gift was a renewed presence. His gift was Him.
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